Our season has begun, and we welcomed it with lots of pumpkins, fresh fudge, returning employees, and eager hearts to greet customers. Every day at Skinny Bones has been an adventure, and we are excited to continue through the season. We welcome you to join us this fall, to taste our deluxe caramel apples, take a “swim” in our corn pool, or even to meet our new donkey, Dillon in the petting zoo. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re ready for fall, are you?

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Ground Work

Oh, the feels of summer in Nebraska. Humid heat radiating off the body, sweat dripping down the side of the face, just from sitting outside. At Skinny Bones, it’s been nothing short of sweat this summer.

Been wondering what we’ve been up to? In short, it’s been a lot of ground work. Dirt under finger nails-hammer and nail type. Prep work for the upcoming season. We’ve been dreaming a lot in the winter, and it’s so exciting to see it all finally unfold.

The latest project, takes form in a large barn and grain bin.ย The use will be revealed this fall, and we cannot wait to share! ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep scrolling to see a sneak peak of it all, and Jeff (owner) dreaming up plans.

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